NEW Absolem and Skrue Soft Vibrating Blog Post Banner (1)

Soft & Vibrating

Why oh why haven’t we done this sooner? We love soft toys (Skrue and Absolem), I mean if I mention soft Skrue to Molly in conversation her eyes roll around her head like she’s on crack and the filthiest smirk appears on her face she loves it that much. In fact nearly every time they […]

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Find the perfect Godemiche for you

Have you ever tried to find a something by the way it makes you feel or the things you like about it? Googling things like white, comfy shoes, food to make me feel better or even dildo to hit my g-spot. We do it all the time with everything because we know how we want […]

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Godemiche Summer mystery box blog banner v2

Summer Mystery Box

OMG its hot and were not just talking about the weather! Summer is officially here and so is the Spring Mystery Box meaning you get a wonderful Godemiche as super low prices, the only catch, what you get is a mystery, but we all love a sex toy mystery box don’t we. The summer mystery […]

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Anal play and Solo Sex Having Fun WIth Your Bum Blog Post Banner

Anal Play and Solo Sex – Having fun with your bum!

Looking for a fun, safe way to ramp things up this Masturbation Month? If you haven’t tried adding anal play to your solo sex, you’re in luck! Solo anal play entices people for many reasons. From testing the waters in an oft-overlooked erogenous zone to the thrill of engaging in something many consider taboo, even […]

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Soft Toys

“My feelings about this toy are a combination of “Yay!” (to look at or to squish it) and “OMG” (when it’s in use).” Let’s get soft and squishy for a moment shall we and let me introduce you to our soft range of silicone toys. Still made in our quality body safe silicone but rather […]

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Kissing The Erotic Supper Power We All Have Blog Post Banner

Kissing – The Erotic Super Power We All Have

I love kissing, slow ones, wet ones, ones that work slowly down the neck, the ones where you suck lightly on a lip. Kissing is my thing and it’s such an underrated activity considering how incredibly erotic it is! When did you last really kiss? So you’re in a relationship and if asked ‘do you […]

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Spring Summer 2021 New Pant'n'Moan Colour Colletion Name And WIn Blog Post Banner

Name Them And Win!

The new Pant’n’Moan Spring/Summer collection 2021 is here and they are FRESH! Just like the Autumn/Winter collection, these 10 new colours are here for only 6 months and then they’re gone. They also start nameless. It is becoming a tradition now with new colour launches that we get you to pick the names and that’s […]

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Black Friday Week Long Sale 50% Off Second Godemiche Toy

Black Friday Week Starts Now!

Today is as dark as the coffee your drinking and as cold as those chilly green peas at the back of your freezer, but things are about to heat up! So take that coffee back to bed, keep the curtains shut and get comfortable because we’re about to get your 50% off your 2nd Godemiche. […]

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