Kink Shaming And How Not To Do It Blog Post Banner

Kink Shaming and how NOT to do it.

We all know that saying about opinions, right? They’re like butt-holes, everyone’s got one and sometimes they should be kept in your pants. This is something that is especially relevant to kink and sex positive people and their communities. So what is kink shaming and how do you make sure you’re not doing it? Smut […]

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Preparing For Your Kink Date Blog post Banner

Preparing for your kink date

It’s not just scouts and guides who need to be prepared, it’s a transferable skill to many parts of your life. A kink date being one of them! As Fetish events of all kinds are beginning to open up again it’s a good time to think about how you can be ready for anything and […]

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Single and Read to Mingle On The Fetish Scene blog post banner

Single and ready to mingle…on the Fetish Scene

It has been a long and lonely year and then some (Fuck 2020) many of us are ready to get back out there doing kinky maybe sexy things with others.  How do you go about doing that? (especially if you’re single) Where is this fetish scene people talk about and how do you access it?  […]

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Im such a masochist by Vicroria Blisse Blog Post Banner

I’m such a masochist by Victoria Blisse

“I’m such a masochist!” I’d giggle after moaning on about how sore I was after Zumba. Little did I know how right I was. What is a masochist? Why do people actually enjoy pain? And how do you know if you’re a masochist? Well let me, queen of smut and eager masochist answer these questions […]

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