Autumn Mystery Boxes

A change of season also means a change of mystery boxes with a colour palate to fit; oranges, browns, yellows, golds, and much more. Because all our products are hand-poured not every dildo turns out perfectly every time and/or we have an excess. However, if it is not right we don’t send it to you. […]

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bye bye summer-pantnmoan-blog-banner 779x448

Bye Bye Pant’n’Moan Spring/Summer 2021

I can’t believe I’m saying this… Today we’re saying good bye to the Pant’n’Moan Spring/Summer Collection of colours.  After being around for 6 months it’s time to say bye bye to the beautiful 10 unique colours which means this is your last chance to buy any of our products in the Spring/Summer 2021 Pant’n’Moan colours. […]

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What Is the Sex Toy Grind Ring From Godemiche Blog Post Banner

What is the Godemiche Grind Ring?

If you’re the type of person that loves close intimate sex with your partner, but want more clitoral stimulation that’s silent and will never need recharging or require batteries. Then you’re going to love the grind ring. What is the Grind Ring? The Grind Ring is a soft textured piece of body safe silicone that’s […]

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Grind Ring – Pre Order Now

Well, the grind ring is a soft, textured piece of body-safe silicone that’s shaped like a pizza slice with a bulge for grinding, dare we say it, it’s also more enjoyable than a pizza slice too. The grind ring has been designed to be used over a dildo or a penis for extra clitoral stimulation […]

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Who is Peachhes?

If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen Peachhes face pop up once or twice, you might have even see a little video of her. Well the reason for this is we have been working on a new colourway in collaboration with Peachhes. These five colours and their names will soon […]

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NEW Absolem and Skrue Soft Vibrating Blog Post Banner (1)

Soft & Vibrating

Why oh why haven’t we done this sooner? We love soft toys (Skrue and Absolem), I mean if I mention soft Skrue to Molly in conversation her eyes roll around her head like she’s on crack and the filthiest smirk appears on her face she loves it that much. In fact nearly every time they […]

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Pant'n'Moan Spring Summer 2021 The Names Picked By you

Pant’n’Moan Spring/Summer 2021 Names Reveal

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to name the 10 new Pant’n’Moan colours. There were hundreds of names that you amazing peeps put forward some good, some bad and some rather strange ones that made us giggle but we wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest because we love this whole […]

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Easter Pastel Pearl Collection with bushess and eggs Blog Post banner

New Easter Colours

What would Easter be without more pastels? You can now get your hands on this Easters newest pastel tones. The 6 new colours are a mashed up mix of your two favorite pastels colourways.    All the rich and delicate beauty of a pastel colour, but with hints and swirls of sparkly pearls.

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balancelle Strap on harnesses cutedesignes blog-banner

Introducing Balancelle Harnesses

Today were excited to launch the Balancelle range of cute, handmade harnesses on Godemiche. If you don’t know Balancelle is a woman founded and owned small business that makes these super cute, hand-made, high quality strap on harnesses. We have three styles for you to choose from. The Unicorn – Everyone loves unicorns and this […]

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Reefs Water New Blue Pearlecent Colour Blog Post Banner

Love Blue? Meet Reefs Water

“Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.” ~ John Ruskin And as blues go we have an added an absolute source of delight to our Pearlescent range with this new crystal blue water colour that we have have named Reefs Water. It has been a while since we […]

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