We are 100% GODEMICHE!

Today is a very special day for us at GODEMICHE! It’s a day that will prove a life changing milestone for me, Monika and the business GODEMICHE.

GODEMICHE was our way of rebelling and sticking two fingers up the adult manufacturing industry and saying ‘ You know what? We will do better’. After years of dealing with the adult industry as ThatPosition (a strap on & anal specialist website), we become frustrated with plain boring, regurgitated shit being spat out yearly. That’s not the say was some amazing innovations and products coming to market, but those new products tended to then fall into the safe and easy route. Purple, pink and black, yes they are popular and are lovely colors but when they dominate the market its just boring. It’s like eating your favourite food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s only going to take you about a week to dislike your favourite food.

We wanted to bring colour to the industry, we want to light up the sex toy corner of your room with the most beautiful colours and designs, some extravagant other just pretty and eye catching.

All though you might think we are a big business steaming forward, the reality is GODEMICHE was our hobby, our love, our need to make the things we wanted and we believed other people wanted. GODEMICHE has been our evening/day off a job, the one we enjoy! The bills, however, have been covered by what I’m going to call a ‘normal job’, that was until today.

Wednesday 6th July 2016, today, fight now, this very day is the day we, me and Monika are 100% GODEMICHE all of our eggs have been placed in the dildo basket. This is crazy, it’s something we are told is not a good idea, we have two small children, bills, rent, equipment the list goes on. The hairs stand up on the back of my neck just thinking about it but not for fear or worry, its relief, joy, the overwhelming optimism that WE WILL BE OK. It feels like I’m diving head first into a swimming pool without water and all I can think is how wonderful and free it feels.

We have a plan, we have goals and we know what we need to be doing but we also need your support, if we don’t have your support and love for GODEMICHE then I don’t care if we reached our goals and everything went better than we ever expected we would stop the business!

We created GODEMICHE to be that brand you can relate to, the underdog, the one you cheer on despite being at the back of the race. We are people making for people and if we don’t have your support, your love, your encouragement to change an industry then we stop.
Please do tell us when you think we have done something stupid, if you think something could be improved or if you’re ecstatic with your dildo, your input will help shape and direct GODEMICHE.

Tell your favorite sex toy shop what GODEMICHE you like, tweet them, snap them, message them and we will do our best to get GODEMICHE into a shop near you, one you like to buy from, one you can fold to toys in.

Well, this is the beginning of a long road, its twists, turns, trials and tribulations will soon unveil themselves and we will do what we do best and soldier on.

Welcome to the journey
Adam & Monika

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Snapchat- The Dildo Way

I can hear many of you sigh, puff and slump back saying ‘WTF Snapchat, what do you think I’m 16?’ Well stop moaning! We are talking about snapchat because it really is a changing platform and if used right you will enjoy it. You don’t have to become a videographer broadcasting your life, that is unless you want to. But I do encourage you to look at businesses in the creative sectors and be amazed at their snapchat. Dr Miami is a plastic surgeon who snaps the whole process of tummy tucks, lipo, breast enhancements it’s all snapped for you to see. I was watching the Disney snapchat with the new Finding Dory launched on there, so many great things from so many people.

So what do we snap about, well you get a little taste in to the GODEMICHE, a real one to one experience of our thoughts, what we do, why we do what we do. We have good days and bad days like all of us, we have special events, trade shows, sculptures, designs just about everything we do goes on to snapchat.

People wanting to see their custom GODEMICHE toy made on snapchat, has been a very popular thing and it drives our desire to make you fall in love with the humble dildo again.

So come and follow us and watch us change the world one dildo at a time.


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1,000 Follower Twitter Giveaway

Back in October 2015 we launched GODEMICHE, 7 months have now flown by and now surprisingly milestones are being reached. Towards the end of last week we reached the 1,000 followers mark and wanted not only to make something special but then to give it away to one lucky person. Monika chose the theme/style we would try to replicate and that was the ‘Galaxy’.


Inspired by the amazing ‘Galaxy’ images on Google, we liked the nebulae clusters with flashes of blue, pink and purple.
A couple of attempts and we found a mix we were happy with, Black, Pearlescent Black, UV Pink, UV Blue, and Silver make up the core colours with silver glitter being added to imitate the sparkle of stars. All of that comes together to make the ‘Galaxy’ Adam.

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We have this one very unique Galaxy Adam to give away for free the rules and information is below.

To take part you will need to Follow us (@GSilicone) on Twitter. You will then need to re-tweet the giveaway promotional images on twitter and that’s it. There will be many promotional tweets and your more than welcome to like and re-tweet all of them, if you only want to re-tweet one that’s also cool.

Any one in the world can enter and we will still ship your item for free.

Picking a Winner
After the closing time, 23.59 Friday 29th April 2016, data will be downloaded from TweetReach, a random number generator will then be used to select a winner. The data will be collected on the RT and #SiliconeMadeRight so make sure to use them.
We will announce the winner over the weekend/Monday morning.

PLEASE include @GSilicone and #SiliconeMadeRight, this makes finding you easy and ensures you are entered.
Entries must be between 00:01 and 23:59 on Friday 29th April 2016. If you outside of the hours you will not be included.
Don’t create multiple twitter accounts to enter, there will be something every 1hr for you to interact with.
Don’t post the same thing repeatedly, that’s a quick way to piss people off and get your twitter account shut down.
Enjoy, it’s fun and you never know you could be the lucky winner.

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