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Blossom – Sinful Sunday

Blossom I am a flower Blossoming under the sun Swaying with breeze of life Waiting in the rain For a glimpse of sunlight Catching morning few amidst The darkness sleeping in nutrients to fulfil my knowledge Growing stronger each day I stand still As I watch myself blossom -Janelle Fernandez PS. This picture was taken […]

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Beholder – Sinful Sunday

To say that I love images is an under-statement. I love to capture people’s faces, their expression, feelings and beautiful bodies , so when Eroticon was coming I knew that my goal would be to take some sexy images of people I was surrounded by. And I wasn’t wrong. First day at Eroticon and I […]

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Monika with hand over her nipple

Nipple Tease – Sinful Sunday

Nipple Tease Recently I haven’t been taking any images.  I think the cold and grey English weather has stolen my inspiration and drive for sexy images. So here is some oldish picture I took early morning and forgot I haven’t showed it yet.     Kiss the lips to see who has been sinful

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Entice verb attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage. “a show which should entice a new audience into the theatre” This is my show for you, to make your fantasies come true, I used to say no but this time I want to entice you to my theatre. Sit down and enjoy while I’ll make some pleasure to […]

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Morning Routine

I love to sleep naked next to him Feeling his warm skin next to mine. I don’t need an alarm to wake up early morning. Usually I’m up before everybody else. I drink my favourite almond milk and go to the bathroom still naked. That’s my morning routine.

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story untold banner Monika in heals for sinful sunday

Story Untold

Story Untold The picture alone. without the written word, leaves half the story untold. -James Lafferty-     I want to hear My story from You.        

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Morning Pleasuring

  Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you might yet be. Sometimes what feels like breaking down is really just breaking free. -Cristen Rodgers-       As I am the first one awake in our house my daily routine is to take time to myself. Sometimes it’s reading a book, sometimes just […]

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His Touch – Sinful Sunday

Sliding two fingers inside herself, She felt reminded of him, In ways she had already felt. Him behind her Feeling her behind While inside her; Two fingers deep A slim reminder Of his deep reach Deep inside her. Meeting her body’s Demands for a man, In ways only a man’s Helping hand can Deliver her. […]

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Image of monika in a red light for Sinful Sunday

Worth – Sinful Sunday

You are worth More than you Will ever know And I love you in Ways your Crumbling heart Could never fathom. Come to me in pieces And exist inside me Whole -Christopher Poindexter       Kiss the lips to see who else is sinful  

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Disguise – Sinful Sunday

‘Undress my soul and may I lay naked before your eyes. Discolour the sorrow and melt the pain like snow, for in this world it has only even been a disguise Take me as I am naked.’ -Christopher Poindexter Check who else have been sinful

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